Games In Vitro

So, to start all of this out I’ll outline what kind of content you can expect to find here:

  • Games In Vitro: These are full stand-alone games, or expansions to my own stand-alone games. For the most part I’ll try and release these only if they’re in a position to play fully as soon as you download the rules.
  • 24-Hour or Timed Games: These are past works I’ve made, usually as a part of a “24-Hour RPG” or “24-Hour Board Game” contest of some sort or another. As a result, these may not be completely polished, although they should still be fully playable
  • Adaptations/Revamps: These are various rule changes or supplements for other published games.

In addition, there will be a wide swath of opinion pieces on game design, board and tabletop game news, and so on. Just fair warning, expect a fair bit of rambling…

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