Gamedump: Alien Archeology Adventures


Time for one of the first of many Gamedumps to come, where you can get a small, complete print & play board game or RPG. Most of these have been from 24-hour game design contests or other specific design contests, and so often have a theme or other parameter it’s built around. Another note is I have a love of nontraditional game mechanics using stuff besides just dice, cards, and tokens, so some of these might get a little weird!

The Themes:

Aliens, Archeology, Law.I believe there was also the restriction that it had to fit on a single sheet of 8.5×11 paper.

This was from one of /tg/’s “Roll xdx and make a game” threads:


I cannot emphasize enough how awesome these are for breaking out of your comfort zone and pushing your game design skills, both from the timeframe and (often) oblique themes that you can roll.

The Game:

Google Doc Link

In essence the game is a press-your-luck mini-RPG, where characters attempt to uncover artifacts on planets with either hostile indigenous cultures or “advanced” cultures with mounds of red tape you need to tiptoe through without offending.

Be sure to comment if you’d like to see more of these Gamedumps in the future, and if you’d like to see this game developed into a larger, more polished game!

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