3D printing incoming!

After two years of waiting, numerous delays, and an agonizing seven weeks of shipping via slow boat from china, I finally have my grubby mitts on my 3D printer: A Makibox HT!


An example picture from their website, of an old prototype I think. Mine is in nice, sleek black acrylic!

I’ll be calibrating and testing this in the next few days, so posts may be sparse until next week, but at that point expect to see a lot more content regarding 3D-printable games and figurines, such as Orion’s Gate!

3 thoughts on “3D printing incoming!

  1. Envious does not even start to cover it! Please let us know how you get a long especially with software and what software your using. I am going to wait a little longer still to get the resolution I want and in the hopes that the cost will come down slightly while the software will become easier to use!!

    Without a doubt I will be getting a 3d Printer as my second large investment following a new computer…. but the things I could do with it… and my own gaming system… Vehicles, Asterian Vehicles thats what I would work torwards (likely a multipart design would be simpler to achieve).


  2. For sure! Barring issues I’ve yet to encounter, the Makibox is actually probably one of the top of the line options. It’s $300, fits in an area only a little bigger than a sheet of paper for length/width/height, and has a ridiculously nice resolution of 0.1mm with a print area of better than 12x12x12 cm. Plus, while you have to assemble it yourself, it had the clearest instructions I’ve seen, better even than IKEA stuff I’ve assembled (And I really like assembling IKEA stuff).

    The biggest thing I would have warned people away from earlier was the who-knows-when-it’ll-ship date, as the developers kinda dicked about for the better part of a year developing a handheld extruder (Which they then proceeded to do nothing with, allowing someone else to step in with a Kickstarter for the 3Doodler and scoop any chance they had of a market there. They also decided to try making a pellet-fed extruder (Since the pellets would reduce the cost of filament to half or a third-ish). But that process took close to 9 months, during which little got done on the printer itself, and even after it was done it was a $50 add-on (They gave the initial backers $50 credit so they could get it, but at that point I said screw it and got 2.5kg of additional ABS filament instead with the credit).

    Currently, it looks like you’d have slightly more of a wait than the 6-8 week shipping as they work to clear existing orders, but I’d hazard that if you give it a month and then order, you’d probably have it in your hands inside of two months. If you splurge on the express shipping ($30 iirc) you get it air-freighted, and it takes less than three weeks to arrive (Something I very much wished I had sprung for).

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