Update on 3D printer


Supposedly you can print all of this on a Makibox. Riiiiiiiiiight.

So after two solid weeks of fruitless consternation, including numerous forum-advised repairs and a replacement extruder drive courtesy of a kind soul with a working 3D printer, my hot end has died and rendered my Makibox currently dead in the water. I’m currently awaiting reply of if they’re willing to either air-rush me a replacement hot end so I can avoid waiting another 6-8 weeks for it to arrive via slow boat from Hong Kong, or issue a full refund for the enormous acrylic paperweight currently on my desk.

In either case, I highly recommend anyone looking to get a 3D printer avoid the Makibox. It assembles like an IKEA engineer’s fantasy, but has a list of known and common issues as long as my arm (Apparently the 6+ months spent beta testing was to do, what, make sure it didn’t catch fire?). I’m currently looking at getting a Simple Printrbot instead if they issue the refund (Or if the replacement hot end dies too, since I’m not about to re-start this merry-go-round of inadequacy again).

5 thoughts on “Update on 3D printer

  1. Wow, I hadn’t seen that yet, but already I’m drooling at the idea of getting that instead (In retrospect, the Makibox was pretty much in the planning stages when I funded it/purchased my Makibox.

    Really, while in the short term I want to print ASAP instead of waiting another 6-9 months (Thus the looking heavily at getting a Printrbot Simple instead), I am really torn between that Micro and the Peachy Printer. I’ll probably wait until both get released to retail before I make additional printer purchases after Makibox does the refund (Since I have no high hopes that they’ll ship me the replacement hot end in a timely fashion)

  2. I do not know your budget but there are a couple of other options worth looking into IMO, firstly if you want a printer right now and are looking for quality printing I believe Form labs liquid printers are now purchasable at retail. They can do a resolution of 25microns which is pretty dam good and I must say they are the most impressive retail ready desktop printer I’ve seen currently.

    Otherwise this week there is a Kickstarter getting underway for a TRUE high resolution printer with a 1 micron layer resolution (0.001mm !!!) that is asking $2000 though I have no idea on there distribution plans currently.


  3. Honestly, price and speed of arrival are the key two elements to me right now, far above print quality. Afaik, the Printrbot Simple is the cheapest printer that can ship ASAP, as the others are either too expensive or of comparable price but in a pre-release stage of development/kickstarting.

    I am going to keep an eye out for the Micro3D though, in case I’m in the mood to upgrade from my current printer in a couple years.

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