Gamedump: Precedence RPG

So this is an RPG I’ve been working on for a while, aimed basically at a pick-up-and-go setup with essentially no beforehand character creation and an interesting “who goes first?” setup for resolving conflicts and battles.

The Themes/Inspiration:

For this, I really wanted to create a game where you learned who your character was as you went. Let’s say your character enters into the midst of a raging firefight: Are they the best gunfighter in the skirmish? Or are they merely a middling shot, or worse, a klutz? In Precedence, you determine these aspects of a character on the fly instead of in drawn-out character building beforehand.

As I constantly reference, Simple D6 is a fantastic game, but still requires that you make up your character beforehand. In some regards, the open-ended character creation allows for a huge amount of freedom in making a character, but as I’ve mentioned before, it can lead to dead-end or “useless” abilities and skills that never see the light of day.

Instead, in Precedence if a player doesn’t have a relevant Skill, they can immediately purchase a relevant skill for their character, and if they choose to purchase a “bad” skill (Indicating ineptitude in regards to that ability), this provides points they can later spend on better skills that provide a higher degree of ability.

The Game:

Google Doc for the Rules

The game is a RPG using a Freeform and Fluffy set of Skills, and is heavily focused on minimal initial character creation, and emergent character creation as the game progresses. Conflict resolution is based on character order as determined by dice rolling: A player who rolls the lowest roll acts first, and players who act far before other players or enemies in the order rolled have a greater effect than those immediately before or after the player or enemy.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you’ve had a chance to run this with your local gaming group!

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