Gamedump Double Trouble: Sandy Tentacle, Unseen Blade and Umbrella Fencing: AMPED

Sorry for the long silence.

The 1p Wild West ruleset (Tentatively titled “True Lead”) is looking fantastic in playtests, and the 1p-Dark Heresy/WHFB rules are done and in initial playtesting steps.

For non-OnePage games, I’ve been working on revamping a card game I’ve been designing, RUIN, after seeing a phenomenal presentation by Rob Daviau, the designer of Risk Legacy, a game very near and dear to my heart. RUIN is designed to be a Legacy-style card game with a deck that gradually evolves and whittles down to a lean 60 cards from the initial 200+, but after watching the presentation I am aware that there are several aspects that need partial or total reworking.

Anyhow, on to the actual content. These are two more 24-hour RPGs from the 24-hour RPG contests on /tg/. Truth be told, I’m really bad at making them into good RPGs, but absolutely love making them into board games. I think this is due to feeling like it’s too “easy” to make an RPG, and because I want to try out weird-as-shit ideas that don’t translate well to RPGs (Like STUB’s weird Operation board covered in sand…)

A final note too: Most of these 24-hour games may have wonky or incomplete rules. This is because the time limit and my own poor proofreading skills have missed them, and given that a strong theme of them is not to “rework” the game after the fact, I present them as-is. If you have questions or need clarification on any of the games I post, just let me know in the comments below!

Sandy Tentacle, Unseen Blade


The Themes:

Desert, Horror, and Wuxia, with a restriction that it needed some kind of physical component.

So, for this one, I had initially been getting psyched until I saw the Wuxia component. Wuxia has never been something I’ve been drawn to, apart from seeing the occasional Jackie Chan movie, but the Desert+Horror was a really cool combination that appealed to me a lot so I decided to make the best of it.

The Game:

Google Docs link

So, this is a sort of combination of Arkham Horror’s luck-based attempting to vanquish evil, but with the dexterity of Operation (And a little memorization as well from the concealing sand) tossed in for good measure.

Using the sand-covered Operation board was actually due to my curiosity to see what ideas might come up with changing/altering/repurposing existing board games. I see stuff like Monopoly having quite visibly influenced the board design of something like The Farming Game, and it made me wonder what all can be accomplished. Some common games, typically the Milton Bradley/”Ameritrash” fare (Monopoly, Scrabble, Battleships, Risk, Operation, Life, Uno, Clue, etc) could quite possibly have full and interesting lives with minimal game changes.

Heck, the train of thought makes me wonder about the idea of selling “Mod kits,” with stickers and components to supplement/replace game parts and board icons. Maybe like a “Subways” addition to Monopoly, so players can buy stickers instead of houses and stuff, running subway lines between properties, like mini-Railroads, or taking a page out of the U-Build Monopoly book and adding in Bonus and penalty buildings.

Umbrella Fencing: AMPED


The Themes:

Sports, Umbrellas, and Classic Rock. The additional requirement was that it has to involve music or songs somehow.

I am not a sporty person whatsoever, but one of the few I do enjoy doing/watching is fencing, which seemed to be a perfect match for the “umbrella” theme. Add in music as a timer mechanism, and I figured I could match the music theme with the actual game mechanics for displaying what you were doing

The Game:

Google Docs link

So this one was obviously designed to be fun, silly, and fast to learn. I wanted something in the style of the Shotgun Game, a variant of Rock-Paper-Scissors I remember from elementary, and figured the musical accompaniment would add both a fun frantic element to it (as you try and score points while your song is playing) as well as have a vaguely tactical aspect to it.

This one was one of the few 24-hour games I made that got some /tg/ feedback, mostly positive and liking the weird theme. I recommend this as a fun game if you and a friend are bored and one of you has a music player with songs you know.

So, what game do you like best? Any changes you would make to them? What game would you make with the themes/restrictions presented?

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