I now have a Games Download page!

So I now have a central page for all of my various games I’ve been working on behind the scenes, both finished and still in vitro. Most of the board games are currently unavailable, as I want to speak to them in their own posts before posting their rules.

I’ll also be posting the various whys and wherefores for the 24-hour games, but I figured that for now it wouldn’t hurt to chuck them all up there for your reading/playing pleasure. As always, please leave feedback as to what games you like/dislike and why!

In other news, I’ve gotten the green light to show you the current One Page rules for two games I’ve been working on:

Orion’s Gate is basically ready, but we’re waiting on cover art and help with creating papercraft models for the ships. If you think you’d be interested in helping design the papercraft ship components, please let me know!

True Lead is the Wild West skirmish game I mentioned briefly earlier, and I’m really excited by the potential it has. Currently this just needs a final polish playtest and a cover and it’s ready to go. I have great plans for supplements for this, eventually allowing you to play a mini-RPG in the vein of Advanced Heroquest using all the True Lead supplements.

While not officially a One Page ruleset, I have Terra Five (Formerly Terafie) as a One-Page rules style, cleaned up and condensed from earlier versions of the game.

Finally, for those of you out there of the Mantic persuasion, I highly reccomend you check out my sets of custom armies and complete rule revamps for both Kings of War as well as Warpath. If you’re interested in playing Heroes of the Eight Kingdoms, I advise giving my newest version a shot (And let me know if you’d like me to work on updating Rogue Agents to this format as well!)

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