Tangent: Homemade Game Mats

So, a few weeks back I was at an art fair thing in a nearby town, and the local theater was giving away old(ish) movie posters.

That’s how I snagged this:

Apparently it’s about the whale that inspired the Moby Dick story, and the release date got bumped to later this year.

What’s awesome is that the poster is big, like 3′ x 6′ big, and is obscenely high-detail. I’ve got a bunch of the Pirates of the [Fill-in-the-blank] plastic ships, and this is definitely going to be my new game mat to play on top of.

Aw yiss, little plastic ships. I have far more of these than any sane person should. I also have no regrets either.

Plus, if Uncharted Seas ever gets dusted off, my wife and I can duke out the Iron Dwarves vs Bone Griffons on top of there as well.

So what all sources do you guys use for your game mats? Are there any other good posters that would make ideal game mats?

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