Star-Struck City Terrain Megadump

I’m realizing I forgot to post these here as well, so here are some ruined-city terrain I’m working on for background photoshoots in The Star-Struck City‘s deluxe rulebook.

I’m including the notes for each of these tiles after each set of pictures. C&C appreciated!


This was a harsh reminder how out of practice I was for painting terrain, and I think next time I would both make sure I painted buildings before affixing them to the base, and with future tiles I’m going to be as insanely precise with the initial basecoat of paints as I can; I had to basically repaint most of the stone building because I was too sloppy with the initial painting and detailing of the highlight stone colors, windows, and wood support beams. The pools of water just got a layer of clear craft glue rippled with some saran wrap, although that was this morning after I took the pictures.

Took my time more with the stonework, and I think it ended up looking a lot nicer than the last tile. I’m still regretting gluing all my buildings to tiles before painting them, and if I had a chance to redo the whole project from scratch I would definitely add that to the list of changes. As you might be able to tell, the stone accent color around the windows looks way the heck too bright; this was because I forgot I did that layer before I did the ink wash on the walls themselves, and didn’t realize until after I’d drybrushed the stone walls. I’ll probably go in and do a little ink wash there later to help dull the color down, as well as hit the bronze plaques with ink and then a green verdigris drybrush.

I have mixed feelings on this piece. On the one hand, I like the shape and gameplay changes it forces with the triangular garden (Which will be getting some flocking in the final pass on the terrain), the fallen tower/columns, and the narrow gaps, but on the other hand the big fallen column looks to me a lot more like a water bottle than the column I was trying to disguise it as.

Again, mixed feelings. I love how the big window-filled front of the curved piece turned out, and the two mini-towers and their platform I think both look decent and add good tactical choices. However, the back of the larger piece reminded me yet again that the protective PVA coating for the spraypaint almost did more harm than good to the detail, and the windows don’t look anywhere near as good as making them distinct and separate objects from the foamcore would have been. In future projects and possibly in revisions to this one, I’ll be making sure my windows are separate added pieces, as well as painting buildings before adding them to the base.

So, the Temple. I was super-excited for this piece, but now after the first drybrush, my worst fears were realized: The protective PVA coating has killed all the detail on the side slopes of the temple, which kills me because I had murals and stylized Cthulhu heads and everything. At this point I think there probably would have been equal or even less damage done had I used the spraypaint with no PVA protection. The two big hair clip side pieces in the verdigris bronze are still recognizable as hair clips, so they’re going to be getting some special attention when the final pass of flocking and similar effects is added to the tiles.

So, this one I think will look decent when I finish it, but for now it’s going to look goofy until I get the water in the pool. I tried using glued-on-the-edges saran wrap, but it was too wrinkles and I managed to remove the wrap without damaging the paint before the glue was dried. So we’re back to square one, and I think I’m going to look at possible resin or clear caulk solutions. It’s not ideal, especially resin as I’m not confident the bottom of the pool is properly sealed to keep it from leaking out, but the shape of the top of the pool is going to make cutting a clear sheet of plastic to fit very difficult.

This building is just too damn big; It provides an incredible vantage point, and is a solid 33-50% taller than the next-tallest building apart from the tower. Echoing previous comments about needing to make windows on future terrain 3D rather than carved, and I think I wouldn’t do a mural next time as it was too difficult to get it to look like carved stone, and I’m not overall excited about the finished appearance of it.

Absolutely loved this sucker. The popsicle stick paneling took a while to do, but I think it turned out brilliantly and I think I’ll probably use that on a lot more buildings in the future. Apart from the general last-pass of flocking and other small post-painting details, I need to add a ragged pennant drooped from the flagpole on top.

After these, I have only one full tile to paint (The brewery/ship-in-a-house) and the pool of water effect for the face-pool tile. Then it’s the final pass for flocking/details and after that, time for pictures!

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