Star-Struck City Terrain, WIP

These are the latest images from the terrain project, and the last stuff to paint before doing foliage effects and flocking. Comments are below the sets of images.

Overall, I have very, very mixed feelings on this piece. Again, beating the dead horse about the painted-on windows, but on top of this there were three glaring technical issues with this piece:

  1. The glue for the sand, for whatever weird reason, was incredibly weak and bad on the wrecked ship deck. I found this out while trying to apply the undercoat of color to the sand, and eventually had to hit it with a dry stiff brush until I knocked everything loose that was going to come loose.
  2. The restrictions for painting due to assembling everything before painting them was probably the most difficult in this piece. The barrels of the brewery in particular were incredibly difficult to paint on the side of the alley facing the ruin.
  3. Perhaps most critically, the experiment for the foam shack failed horribly. The PSA is above, but overall none of the wood texture came across (Making the painted-on windows somehow look even worse) and neither did the metal paneling for the brass wall side. The glue and undercoat of paint for the tiles apparently just didn’t take, so they were threatening to break off the whole time. I am on the fence about this, but if I had more time I would 100% be razing the shack and replacing it with something else. As it is, I am probably just going to be resigning it to be out of focus and never clearly visible in any shots.

The pool looks cool, although I very nearly screwed it up with too much glue and an overall terrible surface. I will be hiding the edges of the plastic sheet with the flocking and foliage pass.

After these it’s the final pass for flocking/details and after that, time for pictures!

C&C welcome!

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