Full-table Star Struck City terrain, WIP (Almost done!)

Added the greenery last night. Additional comments at the end, but in a nutshell I’m super-pleased with how these are turning out!

  • Finally, somehow the coral and grasses has tipped the appearance to look more like “recently-sunken city” instead of “simply wrecked city.” I still have some green-dyed Spanish Moss to use for “kelp” and some tiny decorative shells to add in all the nooks and crannies and possibly walls, and then adding the flagpole to the small round tower and flags for that pole, the huge tower, and possibly a third for the rubble pile. I’ve also got some pretty little purple dried flowers to add here and there for more spots of color.
  • I didn’t get anywhere near enough of the plastic fern/bush/flower things. The coral fan I got was about a square foot in diameter, and that surprisingly seemed to be just about right, but everything else I could double the plant levels before I’d feel satisfied. The two trees on the pool and the square tower are actually the original substrate the plastic flowers were attached to, as are the logs near the rubble pile and the triangular garden by the two fallen towers.
  • As others rightly warned me about earlier, warping and clean edge lineup has proven to be an issue. I will most likely have these on a black tablecloth for picture-taking, and stagger the heights with some of the unused tiles as well as using some dry ice fog and tea-light fires to hide the more obvious spots. If anyone has suggestions for how best to make a “sky” backdrop for the pictures rather than trying to greenscreen it, I would love to hear your ideas!

As always, C&C welcome!

3 thoughts on “Full-table Star Struck City terrain, WIP (Almost done!)

  1. Donn Turner says:

    This looks fantastic. I am working on a 3X3 table as well. I’m trying to do ancient Egypt/Greece theme, but with the same water and vegetation effects. Cool to see that we were going in the same direction!

    • Thanks! The water effect for the pond was just acrylic from the lid of a cheap foil food holder, and was ridiculously finicky to work with.

      Also, for vegetation, I’d recommend possibly getting a lot more vegetation than you probably currently had; I know I wish I had about twice as much greenery as I did, although that might have nudged the appearance out of the realm of “reclaimed” and into the realm of “overgrown”…

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