Gamedump: The Most Dangerous and Polite Game


Another game to try out, this one more focused on theme than mechanics. This is still probably one of my favorite 24-hour game titles and general game idea, if not specifically my favorite mechanics.

The Themes:

The themes for this game were Gentlemen, Jungles, and Carnage. The idea behind this mechanically was a die-allocation pool, and taking the underlying narrative of the short story The Most Dangerous Game, but with an injection of Victorian ridiculous formality. The name/formality was also heavily inspired by Sir, You Are Being Hunted as well. It is fairly random in terms of success, but generally trends towards a sort of trick-taking.

Some stats like Politeness have disproportionate weight and use, and Hounds is most likely a bit overpowered as it allows you to dump points into it and force players to deal with a very powerful proxy hunter (albeit leaving your own hunter far weaker as a result of the point neglect)

The Game:

The Rules

This may be one of the games I eventually revisit and refine into a more complete game, with clearer rules and mechanics as well as some art touchups. Let me know what you think!


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