Friday Project Update

I’d like to start posting my progress on various games, game-related stuff, and similar content, as a way of holding myself accountable (which in turn helps give me the kick-in-the-butt needed to keep momentum up). I’ll give a summary of what I was working on that week, and a blurb on what I’ve got planned next as well.

I’ll post a quick status update for each project now, and then mention then again if they get worked on that week.

The Shortlist:

  • Precedence RPG re-work
  • Mistgore skirmish wargame
  • Ruin card game
  • Primogeniture microgame
  • Negative Pressure board game
  • Ironwatch magazine
  • Mawbeast Madness game
  • Quarantine game
  • Hardwired novel
  • NaNoWriMo novel


Precedence RPG re-work

This is going to be a mashup and heavy rework of my Precedence RPG, but with the addition of numerous elements from other games to flesh out the system and mechanics (As well as add elements to allow it to be tailored and customized for specific settings).

This is probably going to be my primary focus for the immediate future, as this is something I can release as a standalone without having to go back and do much revising or constant content updates (like Mistgore will need).

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Mistgore skirmish wargame

This one I’ve mentioned once or twice before, and the plan for it is to basically make a Mordheim-style campaign skirmish game, with ongoing regular content releases and a gradually changing setting. I’d like to try and balance it as tightly as possible, so in theory you could face your warband off against someone from a completely different gaming group without worrying about being outclassed due to a rules exploit.

I have high hopes for this one, as a very narrative-rich and campaign-focused game, but there’s a lot of foundational work that still needs to be done or revamped; in particular, I need to revise the unit upgrades and available equipment lists, and get the first few


RUIN card game

This is my attempt to make a legacy-format card game, one that comes in a 108 cardbox and can be later added to with little standalone expansions. I have a test card deck, but my primary IRL playtester is unfortunately otherwise occupied, so I haven’t have a chance to start bug-bashing on the beta for this one yet


Primogeniture microgame

I may be working on this before Ruin, as it in theory will be much easier and faster to playtest, and require fewer art assets to publish. The general idea is trying to control powerful people and marry them into more power without ending up having to share that power with another player, and it uses around two dozen cards at the moment.


Negative Pressure board game

This one will need lots of testing with a larger group, but I think it’s promising and I already have a playtest prototype ready. The idea behind it is basically a classic monster-in-a-lab horror movie, but in a Space cadets style realtime environment. It’s co-op, and the players take their turns as fast as they can before the timer rings and the monster takes action (as well as taking action on their own turn, meaning the timer ring can spell grave peril for someone nearby the monster when it goes off).


Ironwatch Magazine

Of course, there’s also the monthly free Mantic fanzine I edit and publish as well, which will hopefully be less of an intense timesink at the end of the month now that I’m working with a larger editorial group. I’ve got several sub-projects for this that I’m working on intermittently as well.



Mawbeast Madness game

A basically readymade game submitted for Ironwatch Games. I need to run through it, playtest a bit to ensure balance, and get some art to publish it with. It’s basically a racing game in a dungeon, using Mantic’s Dungeon Saga rules/materials for the base game.


Quarantine game

Another readymade game, although this will need supplemental bits from Mantic’s Deadzone rules, as well as a fine-tooth review comb for balance. It’s a spaceship battle game, using the rules and cube movement from Mantic’s Deadzone skirmish game.


Hardwired novel

I haven’t talked about this yet on here, but I’m off-and-on writing a novel, by 5-10 pages every week or two! It’s about a third of the way done at the moment, and you can read the first 100 or so pages here on reddit’s /r/HFY board. It follows Ajax, a autonomous AI “cogent” who’s over three centuries old, and finds himself caught in the middle of an alien AI’s bid for independence and the conspiracy that spins out from the attempted rebellion.


NaNoWriMo novel

Lastly, NaNoWriMo! This will probably occupy quite a good chunk of my time this November, but I’m excited for it as it will be my first time doing a horror story/novella. The loose idea is a scholar has discovered in the course of her research, that of all the tales told to children, some of them share a commonality: they seemingly have no purpose or lesson other than to scare and frighten the listener. When they she dates those stories, a pattern emerges: these stories follow a linear path, as if someone has been telling the same tales across the centuries, and the scholar believes the next stop is in a quiet town in the heartland. They resolve to get to the bottom of finding who, or what, this Storyteller is…

And that’s it! I’ll be posting as I get stuff done over here, in Friday updates, but this is the baseline so anyone reading can know what stage these projects had started at. Let me know if you have more questions about any particular topic!


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