“Friday” Update and The Monday Game: Holy Press

Apologies for missing the post on Friday regarding updates to current game projects. So, I’m adding this as a footnote above the Monday Game design.


The downside of Cool Text fonts is forgetting which non-default font I used…

While I know I said previously that I’d be working on Mistgore, I’ve revised that to be Ruin. I think Ruin has a ton of potential, but it needs playtesting, My brother, who I’ll be seeing over the holiday break period, is an avid Magic the Gathering player and should form an ideal playtester to bounce ideas off of to try and balance the game in a competitive fashion.

Overall, I’ve completed most of the list of changes to the game. Ability triggers are gone, and there’s a much larger array of power values. Unit counts have dropped, so there’s theoretically more unique units. Coin cards have been added, which kind of mess up the overall card counts but should make for a really cool setup for game pacing and risk/reward for player resources. Overall, a lot has changed, and I’m super excited about it all and how it’s shaping up moving forward.

All righty, onwards to the Monday Game!

As always, we’re using the Boardgamizer to generate our parameters to work with this week.

The Unused Parameters


While this one seems like it could be an interesting cyberpunk game with roles, maybe like a sort of cyberpunk disaster response or disaster prevention teams, but I’ve already done a bunch of games with a card constraint in them. I want to try to switch it up a bit this week!


This one reads to me like a game-show version of Robo Rally, but with bombs. Maybe players are trying to capture regions of the board, and get money or explosives. While awesome, it’s still not as much potential as the winning parameters below.

The Winning Parameters


Oh my goodness. A game where you try and build an engine that prints out the largest and most complete religious scripture based on the factory engine you’ve set up. This has so much potential for amazingness I can’t possibly pass this one up.

Brainstorm: The Mechanics

So, to start with, I’m thinking the player’s religious text will be a tome marker. there’s a specific Start hex on a board, but then as the game progresses players add more hexes onto the board. Each Hex connects to the others by colored conveyor belts, and players basically build up a set of colors that’s their instructional guide for where to go.

Each hex has something different, represented by a stack of 6 tiles. One hex could be a Major Judgement like ‘Lusting after’, ‘Greed for’, or ‘Always honoring’, while another hex could be Minor Judgement, like ‘Snacking too much on’, ‘Forgetting the name of’, or ‘Politely kissing’. These would be Prefix parts of a complete 3-part Scripture. The middle part would be Nouns, and could range from ‘people’ or ‘money’ to ‘cabbages’ or ‘warm mittens’. The last part is the Commandment, which would be either ‘is GOOD’ or ‘is BAD’.

Combine the three parts to get a complete scripture like ‘Lusting after Garlic is BAD’ or ‘Being humble about Money is GOOD.’ Whichever player can complete their holy book with 5 Scriptures (or whatever number) first wins! The # of Scriptures to win will probably be based on the # of players, as more players can add more tiles which means more Scriptures can be completed.


Although, you’ve got to admit, those are some very sexy and tempting cloves

The map would be 3 concentric rings of hexes, with the start hex being the middle. Players start the turn by each adding a hex from the stack onto the table, and adding the appropriate chits for it. Alternatively, each player could get a sheet of paper, which might be cleaner and easier, and then just draw from a small stack of chits for the particular Noun, replacing drawn chits (and always giving the same Judgements/Commandments).

Each hex has a specific color it can lead out on each face, so rotation matters as a holy book can’t re-enter the same hex twice while being written. Players have a tracker to show the order of colors they can leave in, and after placing the new hexes they get to bid on the three colors they want for the next round after getting a stipend of coins. Whoever bid the most gets first pick, and color picking goes in order of coins bid. Unspent coins can be used to bid in later turns, spent to swap around two colors on your Scripture movement track, or spent to buy Revisions. Revision cards would allow you do stuff like rotate a hex, get a free color token to add to your track, and other shenanigans.

Lastly would be Tithe cards. Tithe cards are rewards of coins you get if you can make a specific Scripture, with more complicated or specific Scriptures granting more Coins. Basically, they provide incentive for trying to set up specific Scriptures in the period before the endgame complete Scripture.


“Honestly, just give us something, anything about cabbages and we’d be thrilled.”

Brainstorm: The Story

“And Lo, the Angel descended and granted the keys to the Holy Press to the first of the disciples. And he pulled the Grand Lever, and was granted the first of the Scriptures. And always thou shalt remember the First Scripture’s words: ‘Juggling several Rabid Animals is BAD.’

The disciple beheld the first of the Scriptures, and saw that it was Good.”

Basically, a bunch of monks are making their holy books via industrialized printing presses. No more explanation needed, and any further reasoning can be assumed/made up by the players!


Like this, but more conveyor belts

Brainstorm: The Elevator Pitch

You are one of the monks charged with creating your own holy book! However, to do so you must send it through a maze of printing presses, receiving divine-wisdom? Let’s go with wisdom-as it traverses the ink-stained halls. Help your text fulfill the needs of the people to earn their gratefully-tithed coins, and shift the layout and orientation of the Holy Press to confuse and mes with your opponents. Will you be the first to complete your very own mass-printed holy book?


Come to think of it, this might be an amazing setting for a divine-characters-only D&D game too

Closing Thoughts

Man, I am excited about this idea. Really excited. This feels like it sprung from my head fully-formed, like Athena with meeples, and I really want to divert from Ruin to making this work.

I won’t, because I need to get Ruin ready for playtesting and ready to go before I jump down another rabbit hole, but this game definitely will be making a later appearance. Let me know what you think of ti and the potential of the other parameters in the comments and reblogs below!


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