Gamedump: Pangea RISK



“Wow, you made it even more of a pain in the butt to control all of Asia…”


[Link to image. Free to use under Creative Commons License]

Not a full game to dump today, but a new board for classic RISK. I put this together based on this image:


As the British Empire always assumed, they are again the center of attention

It was mostly a fun thought-exercise, and I added Antarctica’s borders based on the map for an expansion of Risk 2210 AD, renamed for the modern territories. A lot of Europe wasn’t perfectly to-scale due to the cramped size, but I figured it was close enough.

Overall, I think this is fun to play on because of the breakup of Australia’s fortress of solitude, and a lack of any clear perfectly-defensible alternative. S. America and Africa are now almost like a divvied-up Asia, now with the add-on of intact-but-vulnerably-exposed Antarctica, and Asia itself is split and tricky to control all of simultaneously. N. America and Europe are still valuable, but their centralness means conflict will, by necessity, make it difficult to control one or especially both at the same time.

Let me know if you give it a shot, and what you think!


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