Gamedump: Casanova’s Spark

So I don’t have any new game updates this week, but I am looking forward to doing tome prototype testing of Holy Press this weekend or next week for the Cardboard Edison game design contest! Instead, I’ll be doing a gamedump of a game I made for a 24-hour contest: Casanova’s Spark.


The map of the mansion

The Themes:

The themes for this game were Backing Out, Static, and Scandal. I wanted to try a game with a bit of fun physical dexterity to it as I’d just been reading and learning about Catacombs, so I made the main mechanic of the game one where you’re trying to zap other players and get a reaction out of them with a mild static shock. I’d want to refine this one a bit more for a future rendition, possibly tweaking the theme and definitely tweaking mechanics to make sure it played properly.

The Game:

The Rules

Please let me know what you think of the game in the comments/reblogs below. Cheers!



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