Game Design Contest: Preparing ‘The Green-Circuit Mercs’ for Prototyping

So, first-off is a quick update on Holy Press for the Cardboard Edison contest; I’ve got some tentative playtesting scheduled for this weekend, and I’m hoping to get it to a ready-for-publication or close to it stage, one that I could order from TGC and not worry I was wasting money on something that would need a lot more iteration.

Moving onwards, I’m going to today be working on refining the rules and cards involved in The Green-Circuit Mercs so it’s ready for me to run the card lists through Paperize and get stuff ready for Prototype testing. Given that the due date for this one is a while farther off, I’m probably not going to touch on this stage and further testing until after Holy Press is submitted and that’s all squared away.


I will never not miss an opportunity to show off a logo

The Bidding Deck

So the bidding deck is just going to be valued 1-10, with 1 card of each in it. I think the eventual final version will depict this with a number of coins on it as well as their value in the corners, but for the moment I’ll just go with numbers big and easy to see.

On a tangent regarding the coin art: I’m probably going to heavily be using The Noun Project and, as these have some perfect abstracted symbols for the game art and initial print run, and the refinements later can use these in the corner as quick identifiers or something. Both of these were found thanks to a great Board Game Builders post, and I think I’ll be using several of those other sources, especially the old book pictures, if I ever make a hard copy version of Musketeers.

The Threats and Threat Clue Deck

This took me a while to crank through, but I think I got it to a place I like. Right now, there are different “victory” conditions for 2, 3, or 4 players, which is needed as more players means it will be harder for one player to get a monopoly of cards. On the other hand, some of these will require the co-op aspect to come into play, as players need the victory conditions to be achieved before they can figure out which player won instead of everyone losing.

The Plant and Tech Decks

I wanted the Plants to feel like they had a notably lower power-level, but with the change that their abilities rely less on timing and more on just having more Plant cards. Thus, a lot of their abilities increase low bids to higher bids, and then other cards can increase those cards to even stronger bids.

On the flipside, the Tech cards are really powerful, but have to be managed very carefully, and several of them can neutralize other Tech cards. In general, they’re a high-risk, high-reward, while Plant cards are a low-risk, reliable-but-lower reward.

Overall, all of the decks are available here to peruse the spreadsheet breakdown.

The Rules

It’s not a codified document yet, but this should be enough for prototype testing and bugbashing. Hopefully feedback will be positive, and I think this game has a lot of fun potential as a quick and dirty semi-cooperative and transportable trick-taker!

Next up is testing and refining Holy Press with playtesting this weekend, and then hopefully it will be ready or close-to-ready for final prototype creation on TGC, as I’d still like to finalize the games and get them released on TGC’s store even if they don’t win the contests in question.

Let me know what you’re thinking of how The Green-Circuit Mercs is shaping up in the reblogs and comments below!

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