Game Design Contest: Preparing the Wallet Games for Playtesting

So, continuing from my designs for Boatbuilders and Mamluki on Wednesday, I’m continuing that design so I can get some card decks ready to use off of Paperize.

First, though, the most important part of any game design: the logo! (courtesy of CoolText) I’ve always found having a logo for a game gets me 100% more invested into seeing it through, even if the logo ends up being discarded en route to the final iteration of a game.


These might undergo changes/improvements later, but they’re plenty good enough for now. Onwards to the rule/card designs!

Boatbuilders Deck

This was pretty much ironed out for last post, but I’ll reiterate it here:

  • 7 Wood cards
  • 3 Cloth cards
  • 1 Viking card (Shuffles player cards in Shore pile)
  • 1 Catapult card (Dropped onto in-progress Ship at any height)
  • 6 Player cards, each in a different color

Full spreadhseet is here. I added some images so the Wood/Cloth cards are a bit more colorful/patterned.

Boatbuilders Rules

Again, pretty much the same rules as we had last time. I ironed out the starting setup rules, but the rest of it pretty much remains the same. That document is going to be here, and I imagine it will be plenty sufficient for initial playtesting.


I may figure out a set of rules that have all of the Ship cards placed flat, since the 3D ship I already can tell will be finicky to assemble and difficult for people with poor motor control

Onwards to Mamluki!

Mamluki Deck

We’ve actually got 3 decks: The Items deck, as laid out Wednesday, as well as the Roles and Threats decks. I’ve tweaked the Roles from those outlined earlier, as I realized it weirdly skewed the mechanics to make Weapons easy to overcome. Instead, I changed around them a little so there’s more interparty conflict. I wish I had more slots for Threat cards, but I tried to add as much variety as I could, so there shouldn’t be too much of an isue with unbeatable strategies. The cardlist is here.

Mamluki Rules

So, mostly following the rules outline from earlier, but with one important note: If nobody has Tokens to score the Threat (such as if the Threat’s Categories beat the players and emptied their pool of Tokens), then the Threat escapes. If there are more escaped Threats than defeated Threats by the player with the mot defeated Threats at the game end, everyone loses! I really like the idea of Hornguard games having a semi-cooperative aspect and the struggle to both win, but also have a looming everyone-loses possibility as well. I’d definitely like to keep this vein of rules going in the future.

The rules for Mamluki are here.

So, what do you think of the prototypes so far? let me know in the comments and reblogs below!

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