The Monday Game: Grimdark Inquisition/Age of Fantasy Roleplay

First, a side tangent for Mistgore and Mamluki/Boatbuilders: the Mistgore playtest documents are ready, but while they are ready I’m still working on expanding the available warband lists to include Pirates, who focus on lots of enemy control despite not having a lot of armor or overt melee/magic power. Playtesting for Boatbuilders/Mamluki and the next iteration of Green-Circuit Mercs hasn’t happened yet, but will be happening later this week.

Moving on to a current mini-project…

As you’ve probably sussed out from previous posts and such on the matter, but I’m good friends with the designer of One Page Rules, Gaetano Ferrara aka “OnePageAnon.” I quite like the rules, and feel it’s a refreshing breath of fresh air compared to the original game systems he’s adapted and streamlined.

That said, Gaetano focuses a lot more on the wargame-scale side of things, while I definitely like mixing my chocolate and peanut butter and focus more on skirmish games and RPGs.

The skirmish systems for both Grimdark as well as Age of Fantasy are quite nice, but definitely focus more on a Mordheim/Necromunda/Kill Team scale of roleplaying; that is to say, roleplaying is present, but has little place outside of combat scenarios, and most of it is randomly generated through random or unforseen events and emergent gameplay.


Both Mordheim as well as OPR’s AoF: Skirmish are fantastic games, but definitely not a “true” RPG experience that I’m shooting for

I think the system is ripe for a third supplement for each system, a roleplay-scale supplement. While it might seem odd to build an RPG off of a wargame, I would argue that not only is this following in the rich tradition of the original Dungeons & Dragons, and the Chainmail wargame it spawned from, but I’d also point to examples like D&D 4e as a prime example of a stellar RPG build on a base of a rock-solid set of combat mechanics and choices, and then approaching the noncombat side of the game with a much lighter hand.

The Parameters

As far as mechanics go, I’m looking to keep stuff as much in-line with the rules for the full wargame and skirmish-scale game as possible. That said, there’s also going to be a healthy injection of influence from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Dark Heresy, as I think both systems have some awesome elements to add (miscast/perils of the warp tables, fate points, critical tables that are weapon-damage-type dependent, etc).

Brainstorm: The Mechanics

For the most part, the biggest change is going from d6 to d66 based. At first glance, the system actually doesn’t change that much, but it does allow for Minor bonuses that can eventually stack up and result in greater nuance without worrying about the scope too quickly escaping the power constraints of a d6.

Injuries will be a bit more variable than those in the skirmish games, and can occur during a battle rather than just in the aftermath portion.

Finally, the noncombat rules are designed to allow for skillmonkey characters, without pigeonholing any character who focused on combat from being utterly useless and bored during noncombat stuff.


Definitely think adding some mini prepackaged adventures will be good both for interest levels as well as teaching the system to playtesters/newbies

Brainstorm: The Story

While there’s not going to be an explicit story, I am going to be patching together a pair of modules for it: one will be the beginner/intro booklet, getting you used to the system, while the other will be a full-fledged module, or at least as full as I feel like making.

Rough story ideas:

  • Grimdark
    • Beginner
      • Help negotiate for parts to repair ship in warp transit, repair it as stuff starts failing, and repel normal/warp raiders
    • Full
      • Investigate heresy in a hive city, following trail up chain of command to source
  • Age of Fantasy
    • Beginner
      • Protect a caravan, negotiate with elves, and track/fight witch
    • Full
      • Fight to recover magical sword from beseiged city on other side of kingdom.

Brainstorm: The Elevator Pitch

Are you looking for a fast, easy-to-learn and deadly RPG in the vein of One Page Rule games like Grimdark: Firefight and Age of Fantasy: Skirmish? Check out Grimdark: Inquisition and Age of Fantasy: Roleplay for a great, quick, and adaptable RPG that you can slot right into your own

Closing Thoughts

Super-excited to be plugging away at this, and I’m hoping to have a playtest-ready document for each ready before the end of the week!

Let me know in the comments/reblogs what you think of this game idea! Cheers!

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