Game Design Contest: Preparing The Order of Artemis for playtesting

Following up from where I left off Friday; firstoff, a logo!


You can’t go wrong with a logo. Well, theoretically you could, but it’s highly unlikely.

So this one was interesting to work with; I’m slightly afraid it may need a lot of revisions (similar to Green-Circuit Mercs) in order to get it properly balanced. Ideally it should be pretty damn straightforward, but of course that could easily go to hell and need lots of fiddling or some mechanic could be completely untenable when played by players outside of my own brain: that’s what playtesting is for, after all!

Oh, and the format turned out to be open enough that I was able to make the game an instance or iteration, so there could be other Order of Artemis games in the future that could be compatible or something. That very much depends on player feedback to the game, and if it’s enthusiastic or mediocre. In this case, I perused a random generator until I got some ideas I liked, and decided on “The Lure from Beyond.”


You can’t go wrong with Lovecraftian monsters and intrigue. Well, theoretically you could but its highly unlikely.

Continuing the design under the break!

The Deck: The Front

So this is the side with the powers and whatnot as well as the obstacle images. The Obstacles are more there for flavor, but they are divided into one of three types: Device, Witness, or Foe. Basically, this is Traps, NPCs, and Monsters in that order. I’ve split the power into being either Body, Mind, or Spirit, with everything ranging from 2-18 total symbols needed in order to succeed.

Given this and an average playergroup of 3ish non-Villain players, we’ll probably be looking at an individual player power of 6-7 as about average in the endgame, so everyone working together can reliably (usually) beat down a big baddie. Let’s make the midgame power at about 4-5, and very beginning of game at 2-3. Players may appear underpowered, but the entire game is about some degree of cooperation so when taken together players should still be capable of taking down bigger Obstacles.

The Deck: The Back

For the other side, most of this was just coming up with interchangeable story snippets. Basically, I had horror-theme hook for Act 1, horrific event for Act 2, and villain involvement in big bad thing for Act 3. Bonuses are basically adding one to three extra symbols for players to deal with; not a huge amount, but enough to give them pause if they’re too specialized to overcome their Challenges.

The finished Deck front and back is here.

The Lone Component: The Scorepad


Still not 100% sure if I’m happy with how this looks/works, but I think I’m going to be ok with it for now. it’s at least in a state where it can be playtested, but the more I work with it the more I feel like this is the component that could make or break this game’s playability.

The Rules

Got those banged out and ready here. I think this game has potential, but will require more playtesting than I have time for. I’ll still try it out on my local gaming group at least once, but I strongly suspect it will end up needing to be shelved in favor of Masuulka/Mamluki for the Wallet game submission. It’s a shame, to be sure, but again I’d much rather submit a solid, good game, than a game with promise but insufficient testing and polish to realize that promise.

Closing Thoughts

So this is the revamped game for the wallet games contest; I’m excited about it thus far, and I think at least one of the two submissions for Button Shy’s contest will be a hit.

What do you think of the revamp and the playing cards/story snippets? Please let me know in the comments/reblogs below! Cheers!

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