Long-belated update!

Heya everyone,

My apologies for such a long delay since my last post. Life has become insane in the last few months, and I’m currently in the process of packing as my wife and I will be moving to an entirely new state here in just a week!

So, a quick update on the progress and status of various projects, below the cut:

Holy Press

The art for this is humming along, and will likely be done before Thanksgiving at the current rate. I’m insanely excited for all of this, and can’t wait to get my hot little hands on the Game Crafter prototype I’m getting for myself as soon as the art for the components is finalized.

Here’s an example of the good stuff I’m talking about:

There’s still work that needs to be done, especially blind playtesting to iron out any kinks in the rulebook (as I know from experience I’m quite rubbish at writing rules usually), but this one is getting dangerously close to completion!


I went over the rules for this guy again, and rebalanced the number of cards to fit better with Game Crafter’s 18-poker-sized-cards-per-sheet setup. I need to playtest this again, and again try to iron out a rulebook that makes sense to others, but this one I’m excited about as well. Playtesting will, as with Holy Press and the others listed below, have to take place after the insane move.

Hats and Gloves

Not sure if I mentioned this one on here before, but it’s a fun and fast dexterity-based kids card game. The one primary downside is that the cards are designed to be printed on a coaster-like material, like Skulls and Roses uses, but that material option isn’t currently available from Game Crafter, and I’m using large hex tiles instead. The price is a hair over $20 for just the material costs alone, but I think the coaster material will end up being cheaper and the price for these drops a ton if you get them in bulk.


This is a protein-building card game, structured around learning secondary-structure protein characteristics and protein interaction, but packaged in a fun trick-taking card game owing some homage to the old Games Workshop game Chaos Marauders. I don’t want to spoil too much more yet, but there will be playtesting for this sucker as well once the move is over!

Hardwired: Indicator Lights

I’ve posted a few more installments for my novel, and now I’m sitting at just 60 pages from completion. I’m going to try and putter away on those through the month of October, so hopefully this sucker will be ready for editorial review or even publication by the time Halloween rolls around!


Due to a massive slowdown in submissions, we’ve moved to doing every-other-month submissions. This does mean that the next one is lining up to be right after the move, which is a little insane, but we do now have enough material for a filling and good magazine issue. In addition, we published Ironwatch: Tales of Fantasy, our fantasy short story collection, accompanied by some outstanding art from Boris Samec:

Boris Samec (1).png

There’s even more covers to come…

We’ve got other releases planned as well, but at the moment they’re all lined up to be well after the move.

Oh, and I went to PAX!


And this was the smaller of the dragon models at the convention too…

Left my sell sheet for Holy Press with a few publishers, so fingers crossed I’ll be hearing something back from one (or more!) of them.

HP Sell Sheet.png

My sell sheet for Holy Press.

Anyhow, that’s all for the moment, but hopefully there should be some more good updates coming in the very near future!

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