Comparison: D&D Dungeon Tiles vs Pathfinder Map Packs

So something I want to discuss today is a comparison between the D&D Dungeon Tile line of products, and Pathfinder Map Packs (And similar thin laminated map products). This is in light of recently getting the Pathfinder Forest Trails map pack, and looking back on my changing opinion on how I do my maps and layouts for RPGs.

Note that this isn’t referring to the larger 2’x3′ dry-erase maps, both of specific areas as well as blank grids; I would actually strongly recommend any GM get a blank one, as they help for stat-tracking and sketching a scene even if your game isn’t as grid-based as D&D/Pathfinder. I’ve also never regretted getting specific larger maps as well (I currently have one for a small island/coast, and a daylight/night temple), and have found that these can be invaluable, especially for a larger setpiece battle.


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