Orion’s gate has been released!

Get the rules here!

Due to OnePageAnon purging all old material from his site to clear the way for his Patreon (be sure to check it out!), we’re rehosting the rules for download here!

It has come a long way since my initial ruleset from Thingiverse (I do still recommend the models there, as they should be 100% compatible with the current rules), but I think the current product is a polished and sleek set of gaming tools.

Keep an eye out on the Orion’s Gate forums, as I’ll be answering any questions there and even posting any beta component/scenario rules. Let me know what you think!



The Burning Ice: A Fiasco Playset

So somewhat soon after reading Fiasco for the first time, I decided I really wanted to make my own playset for it, titled The Burning Ice. It was based heavily upon Westeros and the Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire TV series/novels, and I had a blast playing it in a PBF game.

Well, thanks to this lovely cover work by Josh Heimendinger, The Burning Ice is now officially complete, and formatted to look just like the other official Fiasco playsets.

The PDF for the new game is here. Let me know what you think!

I now have a Games Download page!

So I now have a central page for all of my various games I’ve been working on behind the scenes, both finished and still in vitro. Most of the board games are currently unavailable, as I want to speak to them in their own posts before posting their rules.

I’ll also be posting the various whys and wherefores for the 24-hour games, but I figured that for now it wouldn’t hurt to chuck them all up there for your reading/playing pleasure. As always, please leave feedback as to what games you like/dislike and why!

In other news, I’ve gotten the green light to show you the current One Page rules for two games I’ve been working on:

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Gamedump Double Trouble: Sandy Tentacle, Unseen Blade and Umbrella Fencing: AMPED

Sorry for the long silence.

The 1p Wild West ruleset (Tentatively titled “True Lead”) is looking fantastic in playtests, and the 1p-Dark Heresy/WHFB rules are done and in initial playtesting steps.

For non-OnePage games, I’ve been working on revamping a card game I’ve been designing, RUIN, after seeing a phenomenal presentation by Rob Daviau, the designer of Risk Legacy, a game very near and dear to my heart. RUIN is designed to be a Legacy-style card game with a deck that gradually evolves and whittles down to a lean 60 cards from the initial 200+, but after watching the presentation I am aware that there are several aspects that need partial or total reworking.

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