Free Game Rules

A central repository for all of my various games rules and such posted so far.

Note: Many of these I haven’t posted about yet and so have no link to the rules, so please contact me at if you’re interested in learning more about them.

Role-Playing Games

Precedence, an RPG in which you start your character with nothing more than a name on a blank sheet of paper and build who they are as the game progresses.

Heroes of the Eight Kingdoms, an RPG set in the Kings of War universe of Mantica. This is a heavy revamp from the current HotEK rules, and Rogue Agents still needs to be updated to this format.

The Burning Ice, a playset for the RPG Fiasco. It’s based heavily upon the land of Westeros and A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones setting, and you can find a recount of the playthrough here.

Pirates of Orb, an RPG set in a world of airships and privateers. Player’s character sheets are actually starmaps, which grow and evolve as they play to both illustrate their past and future as well as help track abilities and damage in the game

Curse of the Djinn, a mini-RPG heavily focused on the idea of “What if everyone could use [D&D] Wishes?” Players attempt to use their djinn and their wishes to get them out of tight spots and solve problems, but wither greater and greater consequences the more they rely on them.


The Star-Struck City, a skirmish campaign game inspired by Mordheim and using the Kings of War 2nd Edition rules for the underlying mechanics.

Orion’s Gate, OPR Edition, a space combat wargame slimmed down into a sleek, sexy capital-ship wrecking machine. Still fully compatible with the fully customizable ships.

Terafie, v0.3 (Outdated), a skirmish wargame set in a frozen apocalyptic wasteland. This version has since become outdated with the work on the One-Page rules version.

Focal Length v1.0, a wargame designed to scale smoothly from small ten-model skirmishes up to battling capital ships in orbit.

Orion’s Gate (Outdated: See above OPR edition), a space combat wargame using fully customizable ships. This version has since become outdated with the work on the One-Page rules version.

Erinhammer, a wargame designed specifically to meet what my wife would like to see/play in a wargame (A genre she normally doesn’t like playing)

My numerous Kings of War special rules, army lists, and complete system overhauls.

My numerous Warpath special rules, army lists, and complete system overhauls.

Board Games

Tears of Betrayal, a Resistance-style game of bluffing with a heavy focus on Prisoner’s Dilemma style player interactions

Wall Wars, a sticker-based asynchronous area-control game designed to be played in a common area by players who may never even face their opponent

Architects of Erez, a resource-trading game where players steal and exchange goods in order to build their grand cities

Cobblestones, a tile-laying game in which players create the street layouts of a city and attempt to both impress the visiting royal family with their own streets and embarrass their rivals

Iron and Velvet, a card game that has players secretly biding for control of various members of the royal court

Navalo, a strategy game where players attempt to conquer the land and use it to build up their conquering armies

Orbit, a strategic 4X space game which sees players gradually explore, build and develop the system they play in, resulting in a permanently unique solar system for every game set.

Primogeniture, a simple pocket card game featuring players influencing the royal succession to try and get their dynasties in line for the throne

RUIN, a card game that sees players gradually change and permanently alter their card deck over successive plays until the end up with a unique deck all their own.

Seven Sisters, a card game where players attempt to explore and gather resources from a set of solar systems that are gradually collapsing into their respective suns

The Last Hours of Ebene, a worker-placement game where players take the roles of Curators attempting to catalog and document the final dying moments of a fantasy world.

One-Page Rules

Orion’s Gate, OPR Edition, a space combat wargame slimmed down into a sleek, sexy capital-ship wrecking machine. Still fully compatible with the fully customizable ships.  Hoping to eventually come with papercraft models since 3D printers are still uncommon.

True Lead, a Wild West skirmish game that’s fast and deadly.

Terra Five (Formerly Terafie), which isn’t slated to be an official One Page release but has been converted to that format with OnePageAnon to help work on game flow.

24-Hour Games

Alien Archeology Adventures, where players attempt to navigate around red tape bureaucracy and angry locals to research the hidden treasures of different planets

Umbrella Fencing: AMPED, the next evolution of rain protection, rock-paper-scissors, and sweet, sweet rock and roll

Sandy Tentacle, Unseen Blade, a game of physical skill and Lovecraftian horror

Dig Site, a press-your-luck game where players attempt to explore ruins and gather treasure without running out of fuel and becoming stranded

Hedralites, a skirmish wargame using the very dice themselves in an ancient mythological Greek setting.

Cards of a Shattered Star, a card game using a deck of standard playing cards to simulate the repeated clashes of mecha pilots against intelligent insectoid monstrosities.

Casanova’s Spark, a tactile press-your-luck game in which your romantic interloper attempts to escape the husband of the household

Wordlords of Tin, a party game in the vein of “Telephone” in which players attempt to communicate through tin-can “phones”

Players in the Rye, a tactile card game that features players, as famous band members, attempting to resist the government-implanted urge to kill rival political leaders. Far out, man!

Regenerating Stagehands, a party game where the players attempt to resist uncomfortable heat as their trolls sweat it out in the harsh light of the big stage

Homeless: The Youth, a mini-RPG where players take the roles of recently-homeless teenagers attempting to survive the harsh reality of everyday life

Power Lords of Socrates, a party-RPG where players take the roles of philosophers attempting to espouse about an unknown topic in order to power the homes of ancient Greece

Trenchrunner 1914, a team-based game in which players take the roles of transgenic supersoldiers attempting to help win the war for the Allies or the Kaiser, secretly working for or against the group’s interests

Moonrakers, a simple RPG in which players play as successive generations of cleaners who help rake and organize the stars that fall on the moon to help keep it neat and orderly

The Most Dangerous and Polite Game, a mini-RPG in which players take the role of fine upstanding Victorian gentlemen stranded on an island in a bloody skirmish to the death

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