The Monday Game: Grimdark Inquisition/Age of Fantasy Roleplay

First, a side tangent for Mistgore and Mamluki/Boatbuilders: the Mistgore playtest documents are ready, but while they are ready I’m still working on expanding the available warband lists to include Pirates, who focus on lots of enemy control despite not having a lot of armor or overt melee/magic power. Playtesting for Boatbuilders/Mamluki and the next iteration of Green-Circuit Mercs hasn’t happened yet, but will be happening later this week.

Moving on to a current mini-project…

As you’ve probably sussed out from previous posts and such on the matter, but I’m good friends with the designer of One Page Rules, Gaetano Ferrara aka “OnePageAnon.” I quite like the rules, and feel it’s a refreshing breath of fresh air compared to the original game systems he’s adapted and streamlined.

That said, Gaetano focuses a lot more on the wargame-scale side of things, while I definitely like mixing my chocolate and peanut butter and focus more on skirmish games and RPGs.

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Tangent: Long-Term Game Permanence

So, with the news about one of my favorite cooperative games, Pandemic, getting a Legacy version in the vein of Risk Legacy, I thought I’d touch on what appears to be (To my delight!) an upcoming board gaming trend: game permanence.

A quick note: Game permanence here I’m referring to is permanence in ways that the game genre typically does not use. An RPG character is typically assumed to be involved in and change over multiple gaming sessions, while a boardgame typically wouldn’t incorporate any sort of aspects or results from the previous games played.

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Comparison: D&D Dungeon Tiles vs Pathfinder Map Packs

So something I want to discuss today is a comparison between the D&D Dungeon Tile line of products, and Pathfinder Map Packs (And similar thin laminated map products). This is in light of recently getting the Pathfinder Forest Trails map pack, and looking back on my changing opinion on how I do my maps and layouts for RPGs.

Note that this isn’t referring to the larger 2’x3′ dry-erase maps, both of specific areas as well as blank grids; I would actually strongly recommend any GM get a blank one, as they help for stat-tracking and sketching a scene even if your game isn’t as grid-based as D&D/Pathfinder. I’ve also never regretted getting specific larger maps as well (I currently have one for a small island/coast, and a daylight/night temple), and have found that these can be invaluable, especially for a larger setpiece battle.


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Tangent: Walmart Apocalypse RPG setting

One setting I am absolutely planning on playing in eventually is that of Walmart: Apocalypse. On the surface it’s an insane, ridiculous setting filled with Mad Max style zaniness, but it’s also quite capable of shifting to be hardcore survivalist horror as well. I’ll talk a bit today about the setting, and what systems I’m planning on running it in.


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