Friday Project Update

Hey folks,

Firstoff, many apologies for the radio silence this month. I’ve had a large load of time-consuming work to deal with, and unfortunately that and other stresses have meant I haven’t had a lot of free time for post-writing.

However, that’s not to say nothing is being done; quite the opposite in fact! I’ve been fortunate enough to be working with my dad in developing the professional-level art for Holy Press. While I’m still working on getting summer game playtesting group together since my primary playtesting group evaporated for the summer when school let out and the undergrads went home, the art is coming along beautifully, and I’m really excited for where the game is rapidly going.

Hopefully by the end of summer, the art creation will be complete, and presuming I’ve been able to get in blind playtests by then and refined the rulebook to iron out any remaining rule inconsistencies or fuzzy areas, Holy Press will be ready to purchase at the end of summer. I’ll also be pitching it hard to as many different eligible companies from Cardboard Edison’s Compendium as I possibly can, so (fingers crossed) I might be picked up for professional publication/distribution!


An example of an Act tile. I am excited beyond words about all of this

For now, though, I’m going to be probably posting a bit less often as I work through the last of the time-intensive work projects and stress factors. While I’m on vacation next week, the following week I want to make sure I touch on the idea of Buystarter, and why I’m really excited about the idea of using that for RPG and wargame publication moving forward.

Until next time. Cheers!


The Cardboard Edison Award Contest Update

So, the tl;dr of this is that unfortunately, Holy Press didn’t win a spot in the finalists. A shame, but it looks like the finalists field is quite good looking so I understand there was probably fierce competition.


Maybe next time, buddy

While it didn’t become a finalist, there was some incredibly-valuable feedback from judges regarding points they liked and didn’t like for the game, as well as areas they’d suggest expanding on in the future. I wanted to group all of that together below and go over my thoughts in response to the feedback.

What was the game’s strongest aspect?

  • Very original approach to a programming game!
  • It’s a unique game! It’s a mix of party and strategy games. You’ve got the goofy mad libs mixed with programming actions that combine for a very odd mix that could fit into that niche.
  • The theme and mechanisms are interesting and engaging. There is a solid platform to work from in this game. The concept of writing my own commandments is awesome.
  • Cute concept, great player count spread.
  • The game looks like a lot of fun! Love the programming mechanic. Very cool!

It seems like having a light programming game was a really popular point. The theme was very much a divided opinion (as shown in the below section of what they thought the weakest aspect was), but overall I got the impression that the theme was ok, but it should be approached carefully to avoid being overtly or directly offensive to religious and secular players.

In light of the feedback, I’m definitely glad I changed the mechanics to continue movement from where you ended the last turn rather than starting from the center, as that I think really helps make the programming feel important rather than making each player turn feel like a trial-and-error exercise.

The other feedback is below the cut!

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