Friday Project Update

Hey folks,

Firstoff, many apologies for the radio silence this month. I’ve had a large load of time-consuming work to deal with, and unfortunately that and other stresses have meant I haven’t had a lot of free time for post-writing.

However, that’s not to say nothing is being done; quite the opposite in fact! I’ve been fortunate enough to be working with my dad in developing the professional-level art for Holy Press. While I’m still working on getting summer game playtesting group together since my primary playtesting group evaporated for the summer when school let out and the undergrads went home, the art is coming along beautifully, and I’m really excited for where the game is rapidly going.

Hopefully by the end of summer, the art creation will be complete, and presuming I’ve been able to get in blind playtests by then and refined the rulebook to iron out any remaining rule inconsistencies or fuzzy areas, Holy Press will be ready to purchase at the end of summer. I’ll also be pitching it hard to as many different eligible companies from Cardboard Edison’s Compendium as I possibly can, so (fingers crossed) I might be picked up for professional publication/distribution!


An example of an Act tile. I am excited beyond words about all of this

For now, though, I’m going to be probably posting a bit less often as I work through the last of the time-intensive work projects and stress factors. While I’m on vacation next week, the following week I want to make sure I touch on the idea of Buystarter, and why I’m really excited about the idea of using that for RPG and wargame publication moving forward.

Until next time. Cheers!

Gamedump: Pangea RISK



“Wow, you made it even more of a pain in the butt to control all of Asia…”


[Link to image. Free to use under Creative Commons License]

Not a full game to dump today, but a new board for classic RISK. I put this together based on this image:


As the British Empire always assumed, they are again the center of attention

It was mostly a fun thought-exercise, and I added Antarctica’s borders based on the map for an expansion of Risk 2210 AD, renamed for the modern territories. A lot of Europe wasn’t perfectly to-scale due to the cramped size, but I figured it was close enough.

Overall, I think this is fun to play on because of the breakup of Australia’s fortress of solitude, and a lack of any clear perfectly-defensible alternative. S. America and Africa are now almost like a divvied-up Asia, now with the add-on of intact-but-vulnerably-exposed Antarctica, and Asia itself is split and tricky to control all of simultaneously. N. America and Europe are still valuable, but their centralness means conflict will, by necessity, make it difficult to control one or especially both at the same time.

Let me know if you give it a shot, and what you think!


Friday Project Update

I’d like to start posting my progress on various games, game-related stuff, and similar content, as a way of holding myself accountable (which in turn helps give me the kick-in-the-butt needed to keep momentum up). I’ll give a summary of what I was working on that week, and a blurb on what I’ve got planned next as well.

I’ll post a quick status update for each project now, and then mention then again if they get worked on that week.

The Shortlist:

  • Precedence RPG re-work
  • Mistgore skirmish wargame
  • Ruin card game
  • Primogeniture microgame
  • Negative Pressure board game
  • Ironwatch magazine
  • Mawbeast Madness game
  • Quarantine game
  • Hardwired novel
  • NaNoWriMo novel

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The Monday Game: Musketeers

Another game this week, again using the Boardgamizer web app. I’ll get on to it in a moment, but I just wanted to make a quick note:

Fridays I’ll try and make sure I’m posting status updates for my various primary projects, as I think it will help keep me focused and keep you all informed and (hopefully) excited about what’s coming up next. Stay tuned for this Friday to see what all is in the pipeline!

Now, on to the game!

The Unused Parameters


Already, this system has two small strikes against it: Roll and Move is good for adding randomness into a game, but can leave players feeling like they have no actual strategic control over a game, and Summoners/Duels is a heavily saturated genre. While there is the glimmer of potential for a Magic the Gathering-style racing game, where you’re sending minions in to grab 3 different things in subsequent rounds, I think I’ll give this a pass for now.


Chit-Pulling is an interesting system I’d like to try sometime, and Trick-Taking is always fun and a good way to prevent runaway leaders. However, the theme and constraint make this a difficult one for me: namely, I don’t know enough about ballerinas and ballet to make a game with good discussion that doesn’t rely on overly broad generalizations and stereotypes, so I’ll give this one a pass as well.

The Winning Parameters


This one is great. Cooperative play is a great way to avoid runaway winners, and the short timeframe means we can focus on quick and easy rules for people to learn. I’m actually going to shift the “Horse Betting” from being a Theme, to being a Mechanic: players play cards as a group to affect the various Musketeers, and are betting points on which one will be the most successful in some metric.

Next, the designing!

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Gamedump: The Most Dangerous and Polite Game


Another game to try out, this one more focused on theme than mechanics. This is still probably one of my favorite 24-hour game titles and general game idea, if not specifically my favorite mechanics.

The Themes:

The themes for this game were Gentlemen, Jungles, and Carnage. The idea behind this mechanically was a die-allocation pool, and taking the underlying narrative of the short story The Most Dangerous Game, but with an injection of Victorian ridiculous formality. The name/formality was also heavily inspired by Sir, You Are Being Hunted as well. It is fairly random in terms of success, but generally trends towards a sort of trick-taking.

Some stats like Politeness have disproportionate weight and use, and Hounds is most likely a bit overpowered as it allows you to dump points into it and force players to deal with a very powerful proxy hunter (albeit leaving your own hunter far weaker as a result of the point neglect)

The Game:

The Rules

This may be one of the games I eventually revisit and refine into a more complete game, with clearer rules and mechanics as well as some art touchups. Let me know what you think!