Impressions: Warhammer 40K 8th Edition

For those who might not have heard, games Workshop has announced the dawning of Warhammer 40K’s 8th edition, and have a FAQ up before the ruleset has even dropped (an unexpected occurrence they even lampshade in the FAQ itself). I’ve previously left my thoughts and impressions leading up to and following the release of Age of Sigmar, but I wanted to touch on what my impressions are of the upcoming 8th Edition (I’ve seen it jestingly dubbed “Age of Emperor” as well) and how I think it will stack up to AoS and previous editions of WH40K.


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Friday Update: Green-Circuit Mercs Playtest Revisions

Got a few games in for Green-Circuit Mercs (The first time in a few weeks), as well as getting a chance to play the old-but-awesome Games Workshop game Chaos Marauders! It had a great system for rubber-banding from behind, and a great risk element I really enjoyed in addition to the boatloads of Warhammer lore injected all over the place.


Never has tableau-building been more cutthroat. Or fun!

Still, though, got some great feedback on the Green-Circuit Mercs. The first game had to be aborted early due to a big rule issue I noted, but after a few tweaks, I now think the base game is both really interesting, as well as surprisingly balanced at this point.

More detail below the cut!


Because who doesn’t love a good bit of Biopunk?

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Mini-Update 6

Just popping in to say Chapter 5 of The Storyteller is done, and there’s the first bit of Chapter 6 to enjoy as well!

Also, just throwing this out there because holy cow, Games Workshop has reached back out to the community again! I’ll post more of my thoughts on their community engagement here following the end of NaNoWriMo, but for now, check it out by clicking on the image below.


What’s next, plastic Sisters of Battle? Oh WAIT-