Long-belated update!

Heya everyone,

My apologies for such a long delay since my last post. Life has become insane in the last few months, and I’m currently in the process of packing as my wife and I will be moving to an entirely new state here in just a week!

So, a quick update on the progress and status of various projects, below the cut:

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Friday Update

Not a ton to update on today, despite general disappointment that the pumpkin dictator officially got sworn in today and immediately took up the wrecking ball.

Game-wise, I’ll be printing the prototype for Green-Circuit Mercs today, and ideally doing a playtest tomorrow for that and Holy Press. I’m also doing a bit more writing on Hardwired, hoping to make up for missing my Tuesday writing and hopefully getting both the 5 second-half pages written as well as 5-10 pages for posting today!


Brainstorm: Upcoming Game Design Contests

So, this Wednesday I’m going to be going over a few upcoming board game design contests, and come up with some rough ideas for each of them. I’ve been having a ridiculous amount of fun with The Monday Game, and figured I might as well jump in feet-first into game design contests to try and get my name out there a bit.

Before we jump into that, I will be working on Mistgore later this month, but it’s currently on a temporary hold as I work on getting the Ironwatch Annual year One rough draft ready, and get acclimated through the (very minor) teething pains of my new 3D printer; No, not that shitty paperweight, an actual good printer (MakerSelect)!

Hardwired_ IL_base.png

Just to show off the Canva cover I made for the book…

All this in addition to writing more for my Hardwired series; I’ll be starting to post these on Wattpad in a bit, after I hit the halfway point of public chapters and am writing more on the unpublished second half of the book. Anyways, enough with all that, and onwards to the game contests!

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Friday Update: Scheduling

Today I don’t have a specific game update, but will just be going over my thoughts and plans for upcoming game and writing content over the next few months.

So, I’m integrating this to-work-on list with the one I have for Ironwatch, since I do want to get those done and I think it will be good to make sure that the magazine is getting a regular stream of content as well.

Copy-pasted from the State of the Watch 2016-2017 post, is this schedule:

  • October 2016: Ironwatch Annual, Year 1
  • December 2016: Ironwatch Tales: Kings of War
  • February 2017: Quarantine Basic Edition
  • April 2017: Ironwatch Annual, Year 2
  • June 2017: Quarantine Deluxe Edition
  • August 2017: Ironwatch Annual, Year 3

The schedule is pretty aggressive, and I think I need to adjust the dates for it due to previous obligations for this month and what all else I have planned otherwise. However, I also think that now Ironwatch has an editorial board, that things should go much, much faster:

  • January 2017: Ironwatch Annual, Year 1
  • February 2017: Ironwatch Tales: Kings of War
  • March 2017: Quarantine Basic Edition
  • April 2017: Ironwatch Annual, Year 2
  • May 2017: Quarantine Deluxe Edition
  • June 2017: Ironwatch Annual, Year 3
  • July 2017: Ironwatch Tales: Warpath
  • August 2017: Ironwatch Annual, Year 4

Now, at the same time, I’m going to be working on getting some games worked on and developed for testing and prototyping, and possibly eventually release as well. In order of priority, they are:

  1. Mistgore
  2. Precedence/Loreweaver RPG
  3. Ruin
  4. Holy Press
  5. Primogeniture
  6. The Last Hours of Rome (formerly Last Hours of Ehbane)
  7. Negative Pressure

The reason for this order is because I want to get Mistgore going soonest. It will be a Patreon-based thing with an eventual Kickstarter, so getting that past the initial stage of development and into a holding stage where I can just iterate on stories, rule revisions and balance, and rulebook layout will be ideal. However, right now it’s not to the point where it can be playtested, which is a major problem I want to resolve first.

Following that is Ruin, which I think has a lot of potential but I currently don’t have a regular playtester for it, and the Precedence/Loreweaver RPG. I wanted to get the RPG out first, as this is something that can be published as a PDF or POD book, as well as being something I can easily and gladly playtest with my wife. I can probably playtest Ruin with her, but I know her preference is much more towards RPGs and board games than skirmish wargames and competitive card games.

Next up is Holy Press and Primogeniture. Holy Press I think has a killer game concept, and Primogeniture both has a good game concept and is small enough that I can iterate and test it quickly. I have a standing offer from a family member for art, and this would be the perfect game as it won’t need a huge amount of art in order to be completely finished and ready to be literally complete and published.

Lastly is Negative Pressure and Last Hours of Rome. I think Negative Pressure has a ton of potential, but unfortunately it will probably need a Kickstarter to be released in a widespread way due to the funky kitchen timer component, so that’s shelved for a while as there’s not really a way for me to publish it once its done. Last Hours of Rome (the change to a historical setting was suggested by my lovely wife, and it solved a ton of design concept problems I had) will need playtesting and polishing of its mechanics, but I think this can end up being a really fun game with a remarkably small footprint and box.

This whole time too, I’m going to be plunking away at finishing off Hardwired, as I’d like to return to doing weekly or so posts of that. Preferably, I’d like to do 10-page updates: 5 pages of installment, and 5 pages added to the “behind the scenes” second half of the book, so when I hit the halfway point with the published material, I’m only 4-6 installments short of finishing the second-half material. At that point, I’ll probably go over it, polish it into a single contiguous book, and publish it on Amazon and POD.

Let me know what your thoughts and suggestions are, if you have any! Cheers!



Final Mini-Update


When something says “they had a brain the size of a walnut,” what part did they mean?

Due to the combination of the upcoming Ironwatch Issue 52 release, the (hopefully) imminent release of Ironwatch Magazine’s Annual for Year 1, and general turkey-day madness, The Storyteller for NaNoWriMo is not getting done to the full 50K target word goal.

I’m going to be trying to get the rest of Chapter Eight done (so ~32K words), and then that will be the temporary holdpoint; the whole outline I have worked out spans 12 chapters, but I have multiple other projects I need/want to get done first (Including finishing/releasing Hardwired on Wattpad).

I’m going to be laying out my plans for monthly projects on Friday, but the long and the short of it is that I want to keep laser-focused on working on a single project at a time, rather than scatter-brain it out over a dozen+ projects at all times and make little to no tangible progress on each. The next projects I’m working on will be:

  • December: Make the Mistgore base game system (ready for adding fluff and playtesting)
  • January: Work on and release Hardwired, preferably the full-length novel
  • February: Work on, playtest, and release Primogeniture

Again, more details forthcoming on Friday for this. Stay tuned Wednesday for a Tangent discussion of the wonderful A Game for Someone and the idea of AI/mob-based game balancing.

Friday Project Update

I’d like to start posting my progress on various games, game-related stuff, and similar content, as a way of holding myself accountable (which in turn helps give me the kick-in-the-butt needed to keep momentum up). I’ll give a summary of what I was working on that week, and a blurb on what I’ve got planned next as well.

I’ll post a quick status update for each project now, and then mention then again if they get worked on that week.

The Shortlist:

  • Precedence RPG re-work
  • Mistgore skirmish wargame
  • Ruin card game
  • Primogeniture microgame
  • Negative Pressure board game
  • Ironwatch magazine
  • Mawbeast Madness game
  • Quarantine game
  • Hardwired novel
  • NaNoWriMo novel

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