Friday Update: Wallet Game restart and The Order of Artemis

So I had a chance to play Camel Up last night, and enjoyed it a lot! Coup was also played, during which I tried the infinite Ambassador strategy after making a crucial and damaging error early-on and lost terribly while having a grand time.

However, as I attempted to demonstrate the core ship-building aspect of Boatbuilders, a crucial problem emerged: The table was a laquered smooth wood, and there was a gentle but steady AC vent overhead that was providing an almost-unnoticed breeze.

It was impossible to even get the base set up, let alone anything else.

This is a problem; while I knew breezes and smooth surfaces would be an issue, I hadn’t realized just how bad they could be compared to my relatively-controlled test environment at home. I think the game can be rescued by including 2-4 card clips in the set, and let players adjust how many they used depending on desired difficulty, but the problem is that will immediately bring us outside the scope for the limitations of the cards-only design Button Shy had asked for. So, while I am definitely wanting to hold onto Boatbuilders as a fun, light “pouch”* game, we’ll need to do a redesign asap for a new cards-only wallet game.

*In the vein of games such as Love Letter, Lost Legacy, and Cypher. Mostly just 18ish cards, and maybe a half-dozen small unobtrusive components.


The designing will begin under the cut!

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Review: Star Realms

Whoo boy, time to delve into the game that’s basically consumed my every free minute for the past couple weeks.

So, the TL;DR version:

Star Realms is incredibly good, incredibly strategic, and you should have at least 1 copy on your shelf, if not 3+. It’s $15, so it should be your next game purchase if you don’t have it yet.

Soooo, I like it. A lot.

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Impressions: The Pathfinder Card Game


The Game:

The Pathfinder Card game, Rise of the Runelords. It wasn’t my own game, but rather one belonging to a local gaming group, so it had several expansions in it as far as I am aware. We played for approximately 45 minutes, finishing quickly due to a couple of very lucky draws and getting the henchmen within the first 3 cards in 4 or 5 of the 8 locations.

I played as the female human sorceress, ending up with an odd affinity for Blessings as I managed to draw all of mine and burn through nearly an entire location deck in a single turn (And still not hitting the henchman).

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