Friday Update: Green-Circuit Mercs playtest results and ClikB8

Sidenote: Whoooops. This was supposed to be posted last Friday, and I completely forgot about it sitting in my drafts.

So I had a chance to try Green-Circuit Mercs yesterday evening, with the new player-specific decks and the revised Threat values. I have to admit, I was incredibly nervous going into it: previous GCM playtests had left me a bit discouraged and worried that I was going down the wrong rabbit hole for how to address the previous issues with enjoyability of play.

It went fantastically.


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Terafie: World Engine

Come and sit, come be warm,

down here by the fire.

The storm eternal blows outside,

while we sit near the fire.

If you hear Them, go take cover,

and be sure to douse the fire.

Stay still and quiet, for death has come:

There are Harvesters in the Spire.

-Children’s rhyme, origin date unknown

Terafie: World Engine is a skirmish wargame I’ve been working on for a couple years, in a unique setting that combines dieselpunk and horror as humanity seeks to survive on an icy planet, beset by horror and death on every side.


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