Long-belated update!

Heya everyone,

My apologies for such a long delay since my last post. Life has become insane in the last few months, and I’m currently in the process of packing as my wife and I will be moving to an entirely new state here in just a week!

So, a quick update on the progress and status of various projects, below the cut:

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Game Design Contest: Preparing ‘The Green-Circuit Mercs’ for Prototyping

So, first-off is a quick update on Holy Press for the Cardboard Edison contest; I’ve got some tentative playtesting scheduled for this weekend, and I’m hoping to get it to a ready-for-publication or close to it stage, one that I could order from TGC and not worry I was wasting money on something that would need a lot more iteration.

Moving onwards, I’m going to today be working on refining the rules and cards involved in The Green-Circuit Mercs so it’s ready for me to run the card lists through Paperize and get stuff ready for Prototype testing. Given that the due date for this one is a while farther off, I’m probably not going to touch on this stage and further testing until after Holy Press is submitted and that’s all squared away.


I will never not miss an opportunity to show off a logo

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Brainstorm: Upcoming Game Design Contests

So, this Wednesday I’m going to be going over a few upcoming board game design contests, and come up with some rough ideas for each of them. I’ve been having a ridiculous amount of fun with The Monday Game, and figured I might as well jump in feet-first into game design contests to try and get my name out there a bit.

Before we jump into that, I will be working on Mistgore later this month, but it’s currently on a temporary hold as I work on getting the Ironwatch Annual year One rough draft ready, and get acclimated through the (very minor) teething pains of my new 3D printer; No, not that shitty paperweight, an actual good printer (MakerSelect)!

Hardwired_ IL_base.png

Just to show off the Canva cover I made for the book…

All this in addition to writing more for my Hardwired series; I’ll be starting to post these on Wattpad in a bit, after I hit the halfway point of public chapters and am writing more on the unpublished second half of the book. Anyways, enough with all that, and onwards to the game contests!

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Friday Project Update: Ruin and Holy Press

This week was dealing with life events and updating my game projects to be ready for beta testing with friends and family around Christmastime. I’ll briefly touch on the changes and planned changes so far:



This week was focused on reworking the cards, including adding the Coin cards in to add a different level of mechanics, adding a play cost for cards (and making Locations inherently valuable with a constant 0-Coin play cost). I also worked on trying to make the cards a bit more unique, but I may end up revisiting it and making every card unique rather than just most of them.


I gotta get me one of these

On a side note, while I love Paperize’s beta, I do not love my lack of a guillotine-style paper cutter. I ended up shearing the everloving daylights out of about a dozen cards, cutting off crucial text on most of those. I think this may go on the wishlist for Valentine’s Day or as a personal indulgence.

Speaking of indulgences…


Holy Press

Yup, I loved the Monday Game Design so much that I wanted to expand it into a full game. Currently I’ve got the core gameplay fairly well ironed-out, but I’m working on peripheral cards and mechanics to help complement the main game.

I’ve been working on the Game Crafter to figure out how much I have available if I’m shooting for a $30 MSRP for a large-print-run game, and to my surprise found out that the additional costs and such for non-bulk orders on GC mean that $30 of raw GC components would end up being only about $6ish if bought in bulk for a large print run, so the GC price ends up matching the target MSRP anyways!

I’m still trying to find a good source of hex tiles, but I’m hoping that I can figure something out, as the alternative I have with using fewer tiles but each tile having a card of some sort doesn’t match quite as well with the Tithes and Dispensation cards I have planned.

Next week I won’t be working on games for most or probably all week, but the following week I hope to finish the work on Holy Press and get it into a testing-ready state so I can bring it along too.

I’ll also be bringing Negative Pressure along with as well, although I need to do some heavy reworking with that one at some point: I need to start nailing down the limits of what the game price and component count will look like, so I can better outline which and how many of each are available. That will probably have to wait until after the holidays, and I’m not even sure Ill have sufficient time to give it a playtest anyways!

Until next time!