Friday Update: Green-Circuit Mercs playtest results and ClikB8

Sidenote: Whoooops. This was supposed to be posted last Friday, and I completely forgot about it sitting in my drafts.

So I had a chance to try Green-Circuit Mercs yesterday evening, with the new player-specific decks and the revised Threat values. I have to admit, I was incredibly nervous going into it: previous GCM playtests had left me a bit discouraged and worried that I was going down the wrong rabbit hole for how to address the previous issues with enjoyability of play.

It went fantastically.


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Game Design Contest: Playtest Results and Revisions

This weekend was quite busy (our Pom Roger got pretty sick, so any help in donations or spreading the word for our GoFundMe would be appreciated!), but I had a really successful playtest of Holy Press on Saturday, and of Green-Circuit Mercs (and Restoration Games’ Stop Thief!) on Monday.


I am so jealous of the name these designers snagged. While useful, eliminating playtesting would speed up my publication timeline sooo much…

Both sets of playtests went well, but Holy Press was definitely a huge hit, with all of the players really enjoying it and with a few suggestions for changes that should help catapult it from “Good” to “Great” once the revisions are added in. It also had the much larger group of players and resulting suggestions, so I’ll be addressing it second.

But first, onwards to the Green-Circuit Mercs playtest results!

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Friday Update

Not a ton to update on today, despite general disappointment that the pumpkin dictator officially got sworn in today and immediately took up the wrecking ball.

Game-wise, I’ll be printing the prototype for Green-Circuit Mercs today, and ideally doing a playtest tomorrow for that and Holy Press. I’m also doing a bit more writing on Hardwired, hoping to make up for missing my Tuesday writing and hopefully getting both the 5 second-half pages written as well as 5-10 pages for posting today!


Game Design Contest: Preparing ‘The Green-Circuit Mercs’ for Prototyping

So, first-off is a quick update on Holy Press for the Cardboard Edison contest; I’ve got some tentative playtesting scheduled for this weekend, and I’m hoping to get it to a ready-for-publication or close to it stage, one that I could order from TGC and not worry I was wasting money on something that would need a lot more iteration.

Moving onwards, I’m going to today be working on refining the rules and cards involved in The Green-Circuit Mercs so it’s ready for me to run the card lists through Paperize and get stuff ready for Prototype testing. Given that the due date for this one is a while farther off, I’m probably not going to touch on this stage and further testing until after Holy Press is submitted and that’s all squared away.


I will never not miss an opportunity to show off a logo

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Brainstorm: Upcoming Game Design Contests

So, this Wednesday I’m going to be going over a few upcoming board game design contests, and come up with some rough ideas for each of them. I’ve been having a ridiculous amount of fun with The Monday Game, and figured I might as well jump in feet-first into game design contests to try and get my name out there a bit.

Before we jump into that, I will be working on Mistgore later this month, but it’s currently on a temporary hold as I work on getting the Ironwatch Annual year One rough draft ready, and get acclimated through the (very minor) teething pains of my new 3D printer; No, not that shitty paperweight, an actual good printer (MakerSelect)!

Hardwired_ IL_base.png

Just to show off the Canva cover I made for the book…

All this in addition to writing more for my Hardwired series; I’ll be starting to post these on Wattpad in a bit, after I hit the halfway point of public chapters and am writing more on the unpublished second half of the book. Anyways, enough with all that, and onwards to the game contests!

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