The Monday Game: Blite

Another game design, and the first in a while! Thanks again to Boardgamizer for the awesome game-generation website!

The Unused Prompts


This one is just…bland. The constraint is somewhat interesting, but the Mechanics and Theme combine to make a game idea that seems like dry toast.


This one is just begging, screaming on hand and knee for a cheesy 80s cartoon villain title of “SERPENT MASTER” and cheesy low-detail cartoon art. Building it to basically be a spoof of 80s cartoon shows, with players building their MEGASNAKE and trying to build the longest snake and either avoiding or attacking other snakes, depending on how many heroes or villains you have in your group. Damn; while this one’s not the winner this week, this is a damn strong idea I’d love to revisit eventually.

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The Friday Game: Quartet of Hours

Apologies for the quiet week! I’ve been doing some creative writing, and didn’t manage to quite coordinate to get in a playtest of Mistgore last night. Next week will see game testing resume as normal, ideally, and I’m hoping to get some blind playtests going for Holy Press and Green-Circuit Mercs, so their rules can be refined to the point that they’re only waiting for final art for production/publication!

Today, I’m going to get the game design I meant to do earlier up! We again return to good-old Boardgameizer for the design prompts.

The Unused Prompts


To be honest, this one is just too open-ended. I feel like this is possibly a solve-a-maze game but with hidden or partial information, but not sure and not really feeling that the prompt “grabs” me. That said, given the constraint a perfect name would be “Sneaky Buggers.”


I don’t know what it is, but the idea of math and word games tends to give me hives.  The Theme and Victory condition here don’t help much either. Presumably there could be a game somewhere in here about trying to lie in a classroom vocabulary test and basically other players trying to sabotage your efforts to BS through the test, but again it doesn’t really grab me.

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The Monday Game: Triumvirate

Before I dive into the (different from most Mondays!) game design, I wanted to touch briefly on two new game design contests that have cropped up:  the Button Shy Wallet contest, and the Gamelords Dungeon Crawler Challenge . Slotting those into the to-do list for designs, we have:

I’ll be excited to start chunking away at these soon, but that will have to wait till Wednesday. for now, the Monday Game design for a wargame I’ve had vaguely planned is below the cut!

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The Monday Game: Cardboard Kingmaker

Another Monday Game! We had an awesome playtest of Holy Press this weekend, and I can’t wait to dive into the ideas and content that will be changed and added, but for now I’ll save that for the Wednesday update for current game designs.

I’ll also be doing a playtest of Restoration Games‘ Stop Thief remake, so I can’t wait to see how that will go as well. But first, onto the game design!

The Unused Parameters


This one seems like a really complicated big-box game, something like Troyes meets Samurai and has an insane 4X baby. This could be a fun design, but I think I’m going to pass just because the sheer scope of it is quite a bit larger than the game size I like to usually shoot for in Monday Games. The Acting mechanic could have some really fun Charade-style results though…


The Mechanics here are interesting, but not sensational, but the contrast of the weirdly dark Theme along with the Constraint is making this seem like an odd airborne Snowpiercer-for-kids game, something ominous but maybe in chibi graphics?

The Winning Parameters


The Theme and Constraint for this one just feel insane, so yeah I’m definitely going to use this weird game. Already the ideas of trying to infiltrate tiles into enemy tile pools seems like a great start, and I have an idea for how to make the mechanics feel dangerous (the original idea that cropped to mind with packing tape and rubber gloves seems a bit excessive now that I reflect on it).

Plus, I’ve got a title to boot: Cardboard Kingmaker


Basically this, with crazy frenetic action revolving around cardboard

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Brainstorm: Upcoming Game Design Contests

So, this Wednesday I’m going to be going over a few upcoming board game design contests, and come up with some rough ideas for each of them. I’ve been having a ridiculous amount of fun with The Monday Game, and figured I might as well jump in feet-first into game design contests to try and get my name out there a bit.

Before we jump into that, I will be working on Mistgore later this month, but it’s currently on a temporary hold as I work on getting the Ironwatch Annual year One rough draft ready, and get acclimated through the (very minor) teething pains of my new 3D printer; No, not that shitty paperweight, an actual good printer (MakerSelect)!

Hardwired_ IL_base.png

Just to show off the Canva cover I made for the book…

All this in addition to writing more for my Hardwired series; I’ll be starting to post these on Wattpad in a bit, after I hit the halfway point of public chapters and am writing more on the unpublished second half of the book. Anyways, enough with all that, and onwards to the game contests!

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The Monday Game: Eagle Academy

Time again for another game design from Boardgamizer! I also have some plans for a few other games and content I may be talking about later this week, but for now, onto the game design!

The Unused Parameters


This one seems like it would be a weird bluffing game, sort of like a trick-taking game combined with Clue. As much fun as Mysterium meets Power Grid with animals sounds, this seems way too complicated to give proper justice to, and most of all the idea doesn’t really resonate with me so it would be an uphill fight to get a good idea structured and playable. Plus the Constraint is weirdly easy, although incorporating it into the art style could yield a nifty effect.


This one is weird. Just weird. I feel like this would end up being a cross between Charades and Dance Dance Revolution, and co-op on top of all of that I think. It could be fun, but I think the winning parameters have a bit more promise for a wider audience.

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The Monday Game: Hunters of Transylvania

Time for a Monday Game design, again courtesy of Boardgamizer. A quick side not before we begin is that I’ll also be working the remainder of this week on getting Holy Press to a v1.0 playtest stage, so I can give it a shot over the holidays. After that point, it’ll re-enter the work queue I outlined on Friday’s Update.

The Unused Parameters


This one seems like it could be a fun and colorful Icarus-style game, with players trying to fly higher and higher and cooperating for access to parts of their wings, attempting to avoid angry gods and betting in some fashion to determine who gets what wing components. Might be a fun one, but the Constraint is primarily (imo) restricted to simple game mechanics and art style, so I’ll be passing it on for heartier fare.


This seems like it could be a really interesting deckbuilder, but in a reverse format from normal deckbuilders. Make it so you draw a hand of cards, trying to control aspects of governing and being emperor of an empire, with lots of cards for the various aspects of the simulation. The leftover cards is a way to make sure you burn through the deck quickly, but cards aren’t uniformly “good” to play so there’s a lot of weighing how much good vs suck the card provides to play at a particular time.

It’s got a lot of potential, but I love the Theme of the winning parameters too much to not make it the design for today.

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