Impressions: Warhammer 40K 8th Edition

For those who might not have heard, games Workshop has announced the dawning of Warhammer 40K’s 8th edition, and have a FAQ up before the ruleset has even dropped (an unexpected occurrence they even lampshade in the FAQ itself). I’ve previously left my thoughts and impressions leading up to and following the release of Age of Sigmar, but I wanted to touch on what my impressions are of the upcoming 8th Edition (I’ve seen it jestingly dubbed “Age of Emperor” as well) and how I think it will stack up to AoS and previous editions of WH40K.


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Review: Death Angel

Today’s review is for a card game I picked up with a birthday gift card. I’d heard of Death Angel for a while, and seen lots of the expansions floating around as well, but never had a chance to give it a shot. I figured I wasn’t missing out on anything huge.

Oh, how mistaken I was.

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Impressions/Review: Mantic’s Warpath and Firefight

Just a brief Impression today, as some family stuff has come up that will result in no Monday Game or Wednesday post next week.

The Warpath and Firefight digital rulebooks from the Warpath Kickstarter were released yesterday, and so I wanted to go over them in a bit of light detail and highlight elements I see as promising or potentially worrying.

One note: I’ve not had a chance to play either system yet in the current incarnation, just precursor editions and the beta ruleset, so take everything said here with a grain of salt.


Note the lack of chunky square multibases: This is a Firefight game, or one of the somewhat-annoyingly common unbased model pictures in the Warpath rulebook

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Tangent: Outsider Game Balancing

Back to our regular schedule of content, after many mini-updates! Today, I wanted to take a bit to talk about outsider game balancing. Outsider here means someone who isn’t the game developer doing the balancing, and I wanted to go over two possible approaches to this balancing aspect.


Not pictured: the third axis that lets you classify a game according to the GNS Theory

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Tangent: RPGs, and Prepping vs Improvisation

Something that I’m curious about is seeing a comparison of how other people GMing games balance before-hand preparation with off-the-cuff improvisation. I’ve tried games slanted heavily towards both, and would like to talk a bit about my thoughts on the different styles before finding out what your preferred style is.


My early games of GMing, huddled around a flickering candle (To set the dramatic mood) on a Boy Scout campout, were entirely freeform/improvised (And the rules were little better than that). I found that this was a good way to roll with the punches, as the players tended to act wild and crazy at the best of times, and were backstabbing murderhobos at the worst. We had numerous interesting adventures, including poisoning an entire town using reagents recovered from a disabled trap and turning the entire contents of a blacksmith’s shop into a medieval armored tank. But just as often we’d get bogged down, as I would struggle to come up with names or objectives in the scant seconds before attention spans began to wane and out-loud musings on the worth of another character’s possessions were uttered.

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Impressions: Simple D6 RPG

I wanted to post this as a bit of a shout-out to one of my all-time favorite lite RPGs, Simple D6.

The Game:

Simple D6 is a really fast, easy light RPG, using only D6s. The entire rules fit on a single sheet of paper, and a character can take up as little space as a notecard. In general, the rules generally are either unopposed (Where rolls result in a Yes, No Yes but […], No and […], Yes and […] format) or opposed (Where you reduce enemy health from a pool in order to win the encounter)


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