Orion’s gate has been released!

Get the rules here!

Due to OnePageAnon purging all old material from his site to clear the way for his Patreon (be sure to check it out!), we’re rehosting the rules for download here!

It has come a long way since my initial ruleset from Thingiverse (I do still recommend the models there, as they should be 100% compatible with the current rules), but I think the current product is a polished and sleek set of gaming tools.

Keep an eye out on the Orion’s Gate forums, as I’ll be answering any questions there and even posting any beta component/scenario rules. Let me know what you think!


5 thoughts on “Orion’s gate has been released!

  1. Herc Warrior says:


    The link above “Get the rules here!” does not work.

    I get the following message “Oops! That page can’t be found.”

    • Whoops! OnePageAnon cleared out all of their old material, and they had been hosting it for us. I’ve edited the post to add a fresh link to the PDF, but let me know if that’s not working either.

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